Amneal Pharmaceuticals: Staying the Course with Quality, Integrity, and True Customer Partnerships

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Staying the course with quality, integrity, and true customer partnerships.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals, LLC is an award-winning US-based manufacturer with an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality generic medications and outstanding customer service to both pharmacists and their patients. Amneal is driven by a strong sense of family values, high integrity, courage to develop breakthrough processes, superior operational execution, and dedication to building true customer partnerships that create value. Celebrating the 5th anniversary under its own label in 2012, the company is now the 7th largest US generics supplier based on number of prescriptions dispensed, according to March 2012 IMS Health data. Amneal products are manufactured at five fully cGMP-compliant, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in metro New York.

Extensive Product Selection to Meet Customer Needs

Amneal offers over 250 products across multiple therapeutic categories including central nervous system, pain, cardiovascular, oncology, urology, dermatology, ophthalmic, women’s health, and diabetes. Medications range from mainstream oral solids to complex controlled substances, hormonal products, and high-potency formulations. The company continues to diversify its portfolio by adding new therapeutic areas and dosage forms such as injectables, transdermal patches, creams, and ointments. Last year Amneal launched 15 new products, including its first topicals and several first-to-market generics.

Detailed product information can be found in the online Product Catalog online at This comprehensive resource is designed for easy pharmacist and patient access to product images, package outserts, patient medication guides, and material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Obsession with Quality

A corporate culture defined by the tenacious, passionate pursuit of quality and multidisciplinary excellence has fueled Amneal’s rise to one of the fastest-growing generic drug companies in the world. In addition to applying a Quality-by-Design approach to all elements of the product lifecycle, Amneal listens closely to its customers and implements product formulation changes and innovative packaging improvements based on their feedback. For example, flavoring was added to improve the taste and smell of a popular oral solid. Labels for another product were updated with a new design to clearly differentiate two related lines. And all Amneal generics feature pharmacist-defined labels designed to help reduce dispensing errors and increase efficiency in filling prescriptions.

A Passion for Customers

In recognition of Amneal’s strong industry reputation for providing the highest-quality generic medicines and superb service levels at a fair price, the firm has received major industry awards for achievement of excellence across all facets of its operations. In November 2011, Amneal’s founders were honored with the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year® 2011 Life Sciences Award.

According to its customers, the company consistently provides outstanding service, fast response to inquiries or problems, top-quality products, and reliability of supply. Amneal believes that a firm commitment to keeping its small-business values—to doing business the right way— is the true path to achieving both customer and corporate success.

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