Advancements in Myelofibrosis Care: Pharmacists' Perspectives


Pharmacists discuss emerging therapies, challenges, and pharmacists’ vital role in myelofibrosis patient care, emphasizing disease-modifying agents and care team collaboration.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a Peer Exchange involving Zahra Mahmoudjafari, PharmD, MBA, BCOP, FHOPA; James Davis, PharmD, BCOP; Victoria Nachar, PharmD, BCOP; Shawn Griffin, PharmD, BCOP; and Robert Mancini, PharmD, BCOP, FHOPA.

In this concluding segment, Mahmoudjafari expresses gratitude for the insights shared by the panel in advancing myelofibrosis care. Each speaker offers final thoughts and highlights exciting developments in the field. Davis emphasizes the potential for disease-modifying therapies and the anticipation of groundbreaking data at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting & Exposition. Griffin shares his excitement about emerging therapies, emphasizing the pharmacist’s pivotal role in adverse event management.

Nachar echoes the enthusiasm for upcoming therapies, especially for anemia, and stresses the unique contributions of oncology pharmacists in the prolonged and variable myelofibrosis disease course. Mancini underscores the importance of continuous learning, education, and the potential for myelofibrosis to become a focal point in pharmaceutical advancements.

The panel expresses collective excitement for the future of myelofibrosis treatment, emphasizing the vital role of oncology pharmacists and their commitment to ongoing collaboration and education.

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