Actavis: A Global Leader in Generic Pharmaceuticals

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Doug Boothe,

Chief Executive Officer, Actavis Inc.

The Actavis Group is a world leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals. The successful integration of a number of acquisitions has helped position Actavis as the 5th largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. Founded in 1956, Actavis has more than 10,500 employees operating in about 40 countries around the globe. Actavis has one of the broadest product portfolios and strongest pipelines in the industry, with products that cover the full gamut of dosage forms. With modern development and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the plants produce a variety of medicines in different formulations, including tablets, capsules, suppositories, oral liquids, and semi-solids. Diverse? Yes. But there’s one common element to them all: helping make pharmaceuticals more affordable for consumers.

Successful in a Highly Competitive Market

Growth of more than 2600% in 10 years and 2011 global sales of over $2.4 billion doesn’t come easy. But from its beginnings, Actavis has been well managed and aggressive. Actavis focuses on its customers and on providing highquality, lower-cost products—with a strong pipeline of new products and a team that is committed to bringing those products to market.

The company of more than 10,500 works tirelessly to bring a wide range of high-quality generics to market and it keeps costs under control through continuous process improvement, resource optimization, and ongoing, careful analysis. It’s a formula that has helped propel Actavis to a leading position in markets across the world.

Aggressively Planning for the Future

Actavis remains committed to driving growth with innovative product launches and penetration of new markets and regulatory approvals of new generic pharmaceuticals. Actavis continues to invest heavily in research and development, pursuing a determined first-to-market strategy and positioning itself to take full advantage of future opportunities. After an intense period of growth, the company now has a solid foundation on which to build. And it anticipates launching numerous ANDAs this year and many more to come.

For Actavis, it’s been a fascinating, fast-paced journey from a small Icelandic company to an international organization, but it’s one that was founded on the right idea: offering high-quality, affordable alternatives to brand name drugs.

A Quick Look at Actavis…

• Ranked the 5th largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world.

• Has more than 10,500 employees and products registered in more than 60 countries.

• Approximately 1100 products on the global market and more than 300 more on the way.

• 20 billion tablets and capsules manufactured in 2011 and a 24 billion manufacturing capacity.

• More than 700 global product and market launches in 2011.

• Has the world’s only pharmaceutical manufacturing facility completely powered by geothermal energy.

• The name Actavis comes from 2 Latin words: acta, meaning action, and vis, meaning strength.

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