A Must-Read Protocol to Help Pharmacists Prepare for Interviews: Part 2

The competition for positions in the world of pharmacy is fierce.

The competition for positions in the world of pharmacy is fierce. Much more so than when I graduated. Irrespective of where or when you are looking to apply for a position, albeit a professional role, internship, fellowship or something else, the interview process can be a challenge.

When you do get that opportunity to interview, take every advantage you can get to get that job offer and this means you take full advantage of pre-interview process by being prepared. Keep in mind that job interviews are your best opportunity to make a terrific first impression on your potential supervisor(s) and coworkers.

In this second of a 3-part series about preparing for interviews, I outline how to best present yourself for your interview as the best possible candidate for the positon. The following are some tips specific for the day of, and during the time of, your interview:

1. Be on time. When I say on time, I mean arrive early!

2. Express gratitude for the chance to interview for the position. They are taking time from their busy schedule to meet you, say thank you!

3. Introduce yourself and demonstrate your manners. Be polite and the person that everyone wants to work with.

4. Shake hands with a firm — but not forcefu l— grip, and make good eye contact.

5. Sit when you are asked to sit, not before the interviewers.

6. Do not bring too much “stuff” with you to the interview. Only the essentials. Place your loose items on the floor next to your seat or on the side table, preferably in a professional bag or briefcase. This is their place of work, not your house.

7. Keep all electronics muted or on airplane mode. It’s ok if their phone rings, not yours!

8. Project your voice clearly and with confidence. Show them that you are happy to be there and for the chance to work for them. Nobody wants to work with a negative person.

9. You can take some time to actually think before you speak and answer the interviewer’s questions.

10. Do not mention salary or your benefits such as vacation time. Let the interviewer bring it up first.

Good luck and get ready for part 3 of this series!

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