A Classic Christmas Movie Character for Every Pharmacist


What classic Christmas movie character fits best with your pharmacy profession?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many people—the stockings are hung, festive lights fill the streets, and everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Or are they?

With last minute prescription fills, checking for inventory during unpredictable inclement weather, and impatient patients, it can be hard to stay merry and bright. However, this shouldn’t let you forget how magical and important you are to the pharmaceutical industry—just like a classic Christmas movie character.

Which character fits best with your pharmacy profession?

Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Christmas (retail)

Face it—everyone knows you. You’re a Christmas movie staple. Like Charlie, you are who you are because of your staff (or Peanuts gang). A major part of Charlie’s responsibility in the Christmas movie is to produce a nativity play. With the help of his pals, including Linus, Lucy, and Sally, the play becomes a big production. Like pharmacy, you are a part of a moving production of different responsibilities for the “show” to run successfully—such as dispensing medications, providing advice, and monitoring prescriptions for patients. In addition, you are always trying to make the best out of every situation. For example, in A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie finds a small sapling for the Christmas production, and makes it his own, despite others’ doubts. This is similar to how a retail pharmacist can take an untreated health issue of a patient and resolve it with the appropriate therapy.

Buddy the Elf: Elf (pediatric)

You are full of energy, love to communicate with your patients, and create personal relationships with people—just like Buddy the Elf! You are enthusiastic towards your work, and are ready to monitor any pediatric patient on high risk medications, antibiotics, and chemotherapy, for example. Buddy is a great help to the man in the big red suit, such as a pediatric pharmacist is a great help to a pediatric patient care team. You are in-the-know on the latest information about medications, informing other health care professionals about your knowledge; this relates to Buddy’s constant knowledge on who is on the naughty and nice list, as well as what everyone wants for Christmas. Although you may not be singing loud for all to hear, your impact in the pediatric field is just as strong.

Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: The Santa Clause franchise (industrial)

If you are an industrial pharmacist, then you are none one other than Santa Claus himself. Your career went from pharmacist to multitasking pharmacy professional (some may feel that this transition was so fast that it could have happened overnight). You are responsible for the entire process of bringing a pharmaceutical project to life, from production, to packaging, to marketing, and even sales. Checking for final product quality, running clinical trials of the drug, or assessing the strength of the drug … wait, is this Santa’s workshop? Just like Santa, you can’t complete your job without your team, including pharmacologists, biochemists, and biotechnologists. Having a thorough approach to your work is essential to being successful in your job, in addition to being extremely knowledgeable in what you do. A man or woman of all trades, you are the pharmacist that brings the spirit to the pharmaceutical industry.

Jack Skellington: The Nightmare Before Christmas (hospital)

Ah, the pumpkin king. In an environment that is full of tricks, treats, and many scares, a Jack Skellington is always prepared to take on anything life throws at him, just like the hospital pharmacist. As Jack is the “Master of Ceremonies” in his town of Halloween, a hospital pharmacist can relate in a sense. Responsibilities such as being involved in clinical trials, educating a medical staff, and managing proper storage are just a few of the many roles that a hospital pharmacist may take on. A Jack Skellington is witty, patient, and curious to learn about other areas of the pharmaceutical field. He is a strong character, and willing to fix any mistakes that occur in his town. Never stop asking “what’s this?” when it comes your pharmacy profession, because your collaboration with other pharmacists in the industry is what helps brings your patients the best outcomes.

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