8 Tips for Pharmacy School Graduation Day

As the big day approaches, students may be experiencing many emotions. Here is how to get through the ceremony.

As graduation day approaches, pharmacy students may be experiencing many emotions, such as excitement about the big day and anticipation of the next steps of becoming a pharmacist. Congratulations to graduates on reaching this milestone, as they have worked hard during their pharmacy school journey.

Here are 8 tips for pharmacy school graduation day:

1. Arrive early. Set the alarm, especially if graduation is in the morning. If family members are participating in the hooding ceremony, make sure to let them know what time to be there.

2. Bring all regalia. Have the cap, gown, and doctoral hood ready to go the night before graduation. Set a reminder on a phone to bring everything to graduation. Bring bobby pins to help ensure that the cap stays in place.

3. Wear comfortable attire. It is important to wear light clothing, because it can get warm underneath a graduation gown, and some ceremonies are outside. Comfortable shoes are a must, as graduates often must climb up and down stairs for the hooding ceremony and to receive a diploma.

4. Eat beforehand, and bring a snack. There may not be food available at the graduation venue, so it is important to eat before the ceremony. Graduation ceremonies can be long, depending on whether there are multiple disciplines receiving their diplomas at the same time, so bring a light snack, such as a granola bar.

5. Avoid talking during the speeches. It may be tempting to chat with friends, but it is important to pay attention and be respectful. This is what being a pharmacist is all about. The speeches will hopefully inspire the graduates as they embark on the next chapters of their lives.

6. Take pictures. Make sure to document this momentous occasion by taking group pictures and selfies with classmates, family, friends, and professors. After graduation, post the photos on social media, and create a photo album.

7. Savor the moment. Graduates should remember as their names are called and they confidently walk across the stage that pharmacy school was a challenging and rewarding experience. Also, remember the family and friends that were supportive during the journey. Being hooded by a family member in the pharmacy profession is also a wonderful experience to always treasure.

8. Remember the Oath of a Pharmacist. During graduation, graduates will recite the traditional Oath of a Pharmacist. They should take this oath very seriously, as they are now part of 1 of the most trusted professions. Even though pharmacy school is over, the learning has only just begun. The pharmacy profession is a lifelong learning process, because clinical studies are constantly being published and new medications are continually being approved.