7 Reasons You're Crazy Not to Use Social Media

Here are 7 reasons why you should be more active on social media.

Just 3 short years ago, I had a Facebook page I never checked. Now, I have fully embraced social media and greatly enhanced my career because of it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be more active on social media.

1. Networking

I’ve been introduced to and personally helped by numerous individuals whom I have never even met in person. Social media provided me this networking opportunity.

2. Storytelling

Through social media, prospective employers can get a sense of who you are before they even meet you. Are you portraying a positive image? If you are, then you may have a competitive edge over someone else.

3. Collaboration

I had a question about an infectious disease, so I tweeted it at a couple of infectious diseases pharmacists (including @IDstewardship) and was sent a legitimate link that answered my question.

4. Opportunity

I have seen numerous opportunities arise simply by engaging and educating others through social media. One of the most surprising days of my life was when a Wall Street Journal reporter asked for my input on an article he was writing about memantine.

5. Community

Social media can help pharmacists band together and create tight-knit online communities that cultivate learning and grow the profession in new and exciting ways.

6. Creativity

Learning from other professions is one of the unforeseen advantages of social media. There are so many creative, witty, hilarious individuals on the planet, and a lot of them are on social media.

7. Expertise

Want to be an expert in pediatrics, dialysis, or oncology? Simply create a Twitter or Facebook account and start educating others. The world is awaiting your expertise!