7 Ideas for the Perfect Pharmacy-Themed Party


Add a little extra flair to your next party with some fun pharmacy details.

Are you planning a party for your pharmacy manager or another pharmacist in your life? If so, add a little extra flair by theming the party with some fun pharmacy details.

Whether you want an all-out pharmacy-themed bash or a couple simple touches to personalize an event for a pharmacist or technician, you can’t go wrong with these 7 ideas:

1. Invites set the stage

This is your first chance to let party-goers know what to expect, so make sure the theme comes across strong. Try a prescription-themed invite like this:

Perfect invitation for a graduate in the medical field; MD, pharmacy, dentist, veterinarian, PA, etc. Can be used as a graduation:

Other invitation ideas are easy to come by. Try something with a white coat on the front, or opt for something with some medical items.

Don’t forget to stamp a great hashtag on the invite to make the party social. Some ideas include #WhiteCoatKindaNight or #WelcomeToThePharmaLife.

2. Don’t skimp on the decorations

There’s no better way to strengthen a party theme than impeccable decorations. For your pharmacy celebration, opt for medicine bottle lights or try a DIY project with some of your own.

How funny are these?? LOL  Prescription bottle party lights perfect for dysfuntional family holidays by LunchLadyVintage, $32.00:

Think of other items around the pharmacy that could spice up the party. Hang some empty IV bags with photos of the guest of honor.

Use pill bottles to hold table cards or repurpose other containers, like those holding liquid medicine, for some beautiful flower vases. These easy additions will spice up the party and be the perfect centerpieces. Stack them on pharmacy textbooks for an extra layer of interest.

If the party marks a major life event, opt for a photo booth with pharmacy-themed props. Mix in white coat and pill bottle cutouts with the typical oversized glasses and boas.

3. Let them eat cake

When my twin sister and I (both pharmacists) turned 50, our kids opted for a birthday cake that had us feeling like we were back in pharmacy school. It was 2 textbooks, a mortar and pestle, and of course, a pill bottle with sugary fondant pills.


Consider decking out your next cake with a prescription pad, IV bag, or spilled bottle of cough syrup. Of course, the standard Rx would also get the message across. A white coat is another great symbol to drop on an over-the-top pharmacy cake.

Want something just a little simpler? Ask your local grocery store to write a pharmacy-related message on a sheet cake or call out some inside joke in your pharmacy.

4. Favors to savor

Take the traditional candy buffet up a notch by giving guests a medicine bottle to fill with colorful M&Ms, Skittles, and other sweet treats. Or, make some “medicine” cookies by covering circle and oval cookies with 2 sides of icing to create an easy and delicious pill look.

Wrap chocolate bars with white paper and fold back the edges on the top to make jacket lapels. Then, draw on some buttons and a pocket. Write the name of each guest on the pocket and you’ll have a quick and easy favor for every pharmacist in the room.

Have a prescription drop-off box where guest can leave a note for the guest of honor. Make sure to offer a prompt if you want to get creative.

5. When drinks are flowing…

Shots in a syringe are very popular and super easy to do. Make you own Jell-O shots in an oral syringe or fill them with cherry flavor and add them to Coke for the ultimate Shirley Temple. Set up a mimosa or Bloody Mary bar and use oral syringes to add flavors to your drink of choice.

Get even more creative by using IV poles to hang your favorite soft drinks.

6. Play pharmacy fun games

Who said adults can’t play with piñatas? Get one in a pharmacy theme and let everyone take a swing.

Trivia is an easy way to get guests involved. If the party is for pharmacy folks only, make the questions pretty hard, like these NAPLEX questions. If you’re playing with a mixed group, ask easier questions or throw in a mixture of pharmacy and non-pharmacy questions.

7. Give a great gift

Are you welcoming someone new or celebrating a graduation? Give the guest of honor a specialized gift like this white coat coat hanger.

Wondering what to give as a medical school graduation gift or white coat ceremony gift? A personalized hanger for the new doctor’s coat is the perfect idea! www.handcraftedaffairs.storenvy.com  #handcraftedaffairs:

You could also make a special hanger for the retiree in your life to hang up their jacket. Another option for the guest of honor is to have the guests sign an old jacket or scrub shirt that can be framed. It’s a nice touch and something to hold onto forever.

I collect mortar and pestles, and with so many types new and old out there, you can’t go wrong using one of them as a thoughtful keepsake. Maybe even have it personalized with your special touch.

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