5 Tips for Pharmacists to Make the Most of 2017


The New Year can be an exciting time filled with celebration, family, and friends.

The New Year can be an exciting time filled with celebration, family, and friends. It is also a great time to set goals for the upcoming year. You may ask yourself the question, what can I do this year to help enhance my career? Check out these 5 tips to make the most of the New Year.

  • Use your vacation time.

Let’s face it, your job can be rewarding but you also need a break. Make a list of destinations that you have always wanted to visit. Whether it is an Alaskan cruise, European vacation, road trip, or staycation, the time off from reality can help to recharge your battery and keep you motivated and productive throughout the year. Determine what is feasible for you and your family and definitely take the time off.

  • Educate your colleagues about something new.

Educating your fellow pharmacists about something new and exciting in the pharmacy world is both rewarding and a great learning tool for yourself. When you educate your peers, you will also be enhancing your own knowledge base. Meeting 1-2 times per month with colleagues will serve as educational and networking tools to help you in your career. Try the following strategies:

  • Provide an inservice on a new medication.
  • Discuss drugs in the pipeline.
  • Review state and federal laws affecting pharmacy practice.
  • Create a newsletter with pharmacy hot topics.
  • Develop a journal club presentation.
  • Provide email alerts on drug recalls and new drug approvals.
  • Participate in a continuing education program.

  • Join a pharmacy organization.

Try to join a state or national pharmacy organization. This can help keep you up-to-date with the profession. Organizations such as the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists send out journals monthly and emails daily with timely topics such as clinical studies, new drug approvals, and new pharmacy laws. Become active in the legislative process, as this will help to shape the future of the profession.

  • Minimize stress.

This may be easier said than done, but it is important to try to minimize stress. Exercising regularly can help to alleviate stress. Also, it is extremely important to take time for yourself each day. Enjoy a favorite hobby such as reading, cooking, or watching your favorite movie. Try to determine a schedule and prioritize what needs to get done today and what can wait until tomorrow. Are there any tasks that can be delegated? Pharmacy students can be a tremendous help with researching drug information questions.

  • Get involved with communitywide education projects.

Pharmacists have so much to offer the community. Whether you provide a presentation to patients or participate in a health fair, you are ultimately changing someone’s life for the better. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to enhance the program. Check out the following program ideas:

  • Develop a drug disposal program.
  • Educate residents at an assisted living facility about medication safety.
  • Participate in National Poison Prevention Week March 19-25, 2017.1
  • Conduct a brown bag medication review.

The best of luck in the New Year!


  • Poison help. Health Resources & Services Administration website. https://poisonhelp.hrsa.gov/what-can-you-do/national-poison-prevention-week/participating-in-national-poison-prevention-week/index.html. Accessed December 26, 2016.

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