5 Podcast Episodes for Pharmacy Technician Students and Educators


With busy lives and longer commutes, podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to start conversations in the classroom about the pharmacy profession.

With busy lives and longer commutes, podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to start conversations in the classroom about the pharmacy profession.

Timothy O’Shea previously wrote about great podcasts for pharmacy students, but recommending an entire podcast is sometimes akin to recommending 8 seasons of a popular TV show. So, I’m going to focus on 5 specific podcast episodes that can immediately help pharmacy technician students and educators.

1. Pharmacy Podcast Show: Student Doctor Network with Sarah Lawrence, PharmD

The Pharmacy Podcast Show recently posted its 300th episode and is a proven source of current pharmacy information. One episode that stands out as especially relevant for pharmacy technician students looking for advice is “Student Doctor Network with Sarah Lawrence, PharmD.”

Most pharmacy technicians learn in a cohort, but some learn independently and would benefit from a professional community. This interview provides the ins and outs of joining the Student Doctor Network.

2. Pharmacy Life Radio: How to Build Trust with Patients

This podcast series often focuses on pharmacists, but the back and forth between the pharmacist host Alex Barker and his park ranger cohost Jody Maberry brings 2 broad points of view, so much of what they talk about is applicable to a larger community. This podcast provides great lessons in the professionalism that the entire pharmacy staff needs to serve their patients.

3. The Elective Rotation: Correlating Mechanism of Action to Pathophysiology of Disease

This podcast series is aimed at the critical care pharmacist, and in this episode, Pharmacy Joe outlines the way to connect how drugs work to what happens in the disease. He talks about his algorithm for simplifying complex challenges by connecting 2 parts of seemingly disparate and harder sciences. Notably, anatomy and physiology classes in pharmacy technician programs often come from a separate department than the pharmacology course.

4. Iowa Board of Pharmacy: BOP Meeting

As a technician educator, knowing what’s going on with your state’s pharmacy board is a way to not only keep students updated, but also discuss current pharmacy issues. This episode provides the what, why, and how of a pharmacy board.

5. Transpharmation Show: How You Can Take Advantage of the Best USA Pharmacy Innovations

Transpharmation podcasts are much longer than the 15 to 20 minutes that most shows stick to, so you really get an in-depth look at each topic. This particular podcast comes out of Australia. It’s a very dynamic conversation between Todd Eury and Australian pharmacist host Robert Sztar, and you can hear the passion each has for moving pharmacy forward in their respective countries and what it means to be a progressive part of the pharmacy community.

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