5 New Year's Resolutions for the Pharmacy Team


Make a commitment to make the workplace a cleaner, happier, and healthier place in 2018.

As we near the end of 2017, many people are making personal resolutions for the new year. But here are resolutions to make with pharmacy co-workers as a team. These resolutions can help make the workplace, cleaner, happier, and healthier.

1. Stop complaining. There is a movement based on a book called A Complaint Free World (Harmony, 2013) by Will Bowen. It includes a challenge to go 21 days without complaining. It may not be possible to go 1 day in pharmacy land without complaining, much less 21 days. However, the pharmacy team can make a resolution to try this. It is a great way to decrease the negativity and gossiping that can riddle the workplace. In addition to the book, there are bracelets and a free application that helps with the challenge. It may take months or years to complete the challenge, but along the way a little less complaining can lighten the mood in the pharmacy.

2. Get rid of the candy. Every pharmacy I have worked at has a bowl of chocolates and candies, and from October to New Year’s, it is a solid 3 months of eating junk. Make a resolution to ban the group candy bowl and bringing in sweet treats. Instead, how about suggesting a veggie or fruit platter, nuts, avocados, or a salad party where everyone brings in an ingredient for a yummy salad? Even if the resolution only lasts until Easter, at least gives the group a few months to detox.

3. Donate money or time. Have every member of the pharmacy team make a pledge of money or time for the upcoming year. If donating money, consider setting up a group “piggy bank” to which everyone contributes throughout the year. It could be $1 a week or a month per person, but at the end of the year, donate the funds to a local charity. If donating time, start a goal tracker and have everyone log in their volunteer hours. Everyone can choose their own charities, such as an animal shelter, local hospital, or soup kitchen. As a group, volunteer for charitable events, such as ones organized by Habitat for Humanity. Some neighborhoods have clinics or summer camps where pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can lend their expertise and volunteer time.

4. Create a happier workplace. Many companies offer a way to offer positive feedback, such as giving out cards or coupons. However, not everyone buys in to corporate-sponsored reinforcement. As a team, come up with a saying or way to acknowledge each other when someone goes above and beyond, deals with a difficult situation, or meets a personal goal. Put up a board in a visible place where team members can write positive things about each other, themselves, or just uplifting sentiments.

5. Declutter the pharmacy. Divide the office or pharmacy into equal parts and have each team member take 1 section. Organize what needs to stay and throw out everything else. Find all those old patient lists from 3 years ago, and toss them in the HIPPA bin. Wipe everything down, which will also help get rid of those winter germs. Then make a resolution to keep the workplace clean and clear. At the end of each shift, do a quick look over, toss any trash, and give the area a simple wipe down.

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