$5 Million Campaign Challenges New Medicare Payment Model


A conservative group created an ad campaign against legislation targeting drug pricing.

The American Action Network (AAN), a self-proclaimed center-right advocacy group, recently created a $4.8 billion campaign against cutting funds for Medicare.

The AAN plans to spend $1.9 million in print ads, $1.7 million in direct mailings, and $1.2 million in digital ads, according to a press release. AAN is targeting seniors in 61 congressional districts, including districts in California and New Jersey.

They created this campaign because the Obama Administration is moving to change Medicare Part B payments to combat increasing drug costs, according to the AAN. They are asking seniors to advocate for 2 legislative actions, according to the press release.

The first, HR 5122, is to stop further action on a rule for changing prescription drug payments. The second, HR 1190, is to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory board.

The AAN states that these bills will prevent potentially harmful changes that could decrease access to care, according to the press release. The AAN believes that lawmakers are acting with seniors’ best interest in mind, and are calling on them to prevent the federal government from moving forward on this payment model.

In their mail piece ad, they have the slogan “When Bureaucrats Choose… Medicare Patients Lose” and include information about how to contact their individual US Representative to prevent “harmful Medicare experiment[s].”

Similarly, both print ads and digital ads call Medicare beneficiaries to support the legislation against the changes, and support their Congress Representative in fighting the changes. The AAN previously created a $2.6 million campaign against Medicare drug negotiation plan, and a $500,000 campaign to oppose cuts to Medicare Advantage.

“The legislative year is not over, and with the Obama Administration threatening imminent cuts, seniors should know they have a powerful voice in the fight for access to quality health care of their choice,” said AAN President Mike Shields. “We urge seniors to call their Member of Congress and tell them to prevent unelected bureaucrats from cutting access to care.”

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