5 Key Sessions and Interviews at Asembia 2022 Specialty Pharmacy Summit

Stay tuned at PharmacyTimes.com for exclusive session coverage and interviews with experts.

Pharmacy Times will be covering the 2022 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit live in Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 2 to 5.

The summit will include expert speakers, business sessions, exhibits, and a featured keynote address from Scott Gottlieb, MD, former FDA commissioner from 2017 to 2019. Stay tuned at PharmacyTimes.com for exclusive session coverage and interviews with experts, including:

  • Learn more about pharmacists’ role in driving biosimilar adoption in a conversation with Sonia Oskouei, PharmD, vice president of biosimilars at Cardinal Health. Oskouei is presenting a session on May 2, titled “Will Pharmacists Play a Bigger Role in Driving Biosimilar Adoption in 2023 and Beyond?”
  • On May 2, Pharmacy Times will be covering a session titled “Navigating the Pandemic with EUA Therapies,” about how Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) therapies have impacted the COVID-19 landscape. According to presenters, the COVID-19 pandemic and the EUA system offers novel opportunities for specialty pharmacy interventions.
  • On May 4, a session titled “Pharmacist Evolution: A New More Active Role from Patient-Reported Outcomes to Developing Insights” will discuss how specialty pharmacists are key in optimizing complex treatment decisions. By using both data and patient-reported outcomes, specialty pharmacies can help the health system adapt to an increasingly complex environment.
  • Ray Tancredi, divisional vice president of specialty pharmacy, development and brand Rx/vaccine purchasing at Walgreens, will discuss his presentation on the specialty pharmaceutical pipeline. Specifically, Tancredi will address which approvals pharmacists should be aware of on the horizon.
  • Finally, stay tuned on May 3 to learn about new models in specialty drug management from the session titled “Quality, Equity, and Affordability: Employers, Change, and New Models for Specialty Management.” In this session, panelists will discuss what employers are seeing in the marketplace both from pharmacy benefit managers and potential vendors in relation to specialty spending.

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