3 Powerful Career Strategies to Help You Succeed


Creating your career plan requires discipline and consistency, positive habits, and visualizing future success.

Have you ever been at a job for 5 or more years where you felt comfortable with the company, but haven’t updated your résumé?

Job losses can happen at any time without warning, especially as companies decide to outsource departments or justify a need to cut staff to save money. An unexpected job loss can cause stress and anxiety, becoming the only stimulus to finally take action toward your career plan.

However, your career plan should always be top of mind. If you relate to your career plan as a knee-jerk reaction that only occurs when there’s a disturbance, or something you shove under a rug after you’ve landed that perfect job, you’ll end up treating yourself as a victim after a job loss, plagued with worries about next steps.

Creating your career plan requires discipline and consistency, positive habits, and visualizing future success.

Discipline and Consistency

Think about your goals and objectives, and then write them down. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should serve as road map to help you get from point A to point B.

After you draft your plan, share it with your boss, mentor, or advisor. Settle on a course of action with respected individuals who will support you. Get organized about your plan, schedule one-on-one meetings or conversations with your co-workers, and be sure to pay attention to your company’s dynamics.

Be disciplined in your approach. Continue to check your plan at least once per quarter to see what’s working or where you may be falling short.

Positive Habits

Develop positive habits that will support you in moving your career forward. It’s all about connections, communication, and your personal brand.

Attend networking events regularly to build your professional connections and ensure you’re meeting contacts who can help you along the way. Be able to describe your professional objectives, strengths, values, and qualities that make you an asset.

Use tools and resources that will enable you to see your personal brand through the eyes of others. Take a Myers Briggs test, read your online reviews, and Google yourself.

Visualize Future Success

Most successful individuals can visualize their success well before it happens. The first step is defining what success means to you, and then writing down your vision.

Think about the resources you’ll need, skills to develop, a timeline, and milestones you want to achieve. This will serve as a motivational tool.

Consider creating fun rewards for yourself as you reach each milestone. They can include treating yourself to a nice meal, buying yourself something, or just having a spa day.

In this dynamic job market, managing your career has its ups and downs. It happens neither as quickly as you would like, nor in the method you might have planned. Depending on market dynamics, it can be a roller coaster you never dreamed of riding.

To effectively manage your career, you need a disciplined approach to keep your skills relevant. Think about the things you need in your career that will make you happy, like salary, job function, title, location, benefits, culture, and an environment where you will thrive. Start visualizing your future success, and you’ll enjoy your journey getting there.

When it comes to your career, be proactive, step out of your comfort zone, and keep it moving. Don’t wait for companies to determine your career fate. Create your plan and always have next steps and contingencies in mind.

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