2019 Pharmacy Gift Guide


Jelly of the Month might not have impressed Clark Griswold, but we're sure there's a pharmacist on your gift list that would appreciate one of these items.

While having more pharmacy tech hours and staff would be at the top of our wish lists this holiday season, I am not Harry Potter—my counting spatula is not a magic wand (although how awesome would that be?). If, however, you are looking for some of the most practical gift ideas for your favorite pharmacist, tech, or student, here are some of the best pharmacy gift ideas for 2019 that are sure to be Santa’s script for success:

  • Glass beaker coffee mug

Coffee has been defined as black gold, survival juice, and a pharmacist’s best friend. Why not give your favorite pharmacist what they’ve always wanted and help them live their nerd pride with this coffee mug, that’s actually a real glass beaker. Etched with the chemical structure of caffeine (the source of a pharmacist’s magical powers), and the true phrase “No coffee, No workee”: the perfect coffee mug for a pharmacist does exist

Truth be told, the time is always coffee o’clock in Club Pharmacy. Speaking of time…

2. Pharmacy clock

"Hi, I'm dropping off a prescription."

"When would you like to pick it up?"

This all-too-true pharmacy wall clock plays on the most common answers to this question we hear on a daily basis. Why give exact times when you can give ambiguous replies like "after I eat" and "anytime"? Time is the most valuable asset we have, so let's rock it in style.

3. Pharmacy Tie

Image courtesy of Amazon

What could a pharmacist want more than to dress in style? My motto as a pharmacist is if I have to dress up, I’m going to make it fun. This necktie by Ralph Marlin, available on Amazon, serves as a great conversation piece, too. Now, if you’re looking to go all-out with your dapper PharmD style, you’ll want to show it from head to toe with this next gem…

4. Pharmacy Socks

Image courtesy of Amazon

There’s nothing more fun than pharmacy socks. Talk about taking your style up a notch with these novelty crew socks by Oooh Yeah Socks. Again, if you have to dress up, make it fun—this will be sure to step up your pharmacy style.

5. Pharmacy Winter Drive-Thru Essential

Image courtesy of Amazon

This is straight up a practical gift for anyone who works at a pharmacy with a drive thru window. Instead of being chilled to the bone, wrap yourself like the gift you are with a warm scarf from Arctic Extreme.

6. Personalized Counting Spatula

Image courtesy of eMedDecor & More

Cut safety seals, remove cotton from medicine bottles, remove small parts, and cut tape with this multi-purpose pharmacy spatula from eMedDecor & More. Both the blade and multi-purpose tool are made of stainless steel, with the handle made of luxurious rosewood. This company will laser engrave the name or sentiment of your choice on the handle.

7. Rx Pill Bottle Earrings

Photo Courtesy of Ann Peden Jewelry

Be the envy of your pharmacy friends when you dangle these gems from your lobes. These handmade, 3-dimensional pill bottle charm earrings from Ann Peden Jewelry are made of pewter and on sterling silver earwires, according to the jeweler's Etsy site.

8. Amazon Echo Dot

Photo courtesy of AmazonAlexa: give me more tech hours. Hire Alexa to manage your music and more so you can dance to the beat of your favorite tunes in Club Pharmacy or tune in to your favorite podcast on your days off. On that note, try The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast—it brings the most inspiring pharmacists and students working to innovate the profession, and provides practical tips to empower you on all things related to pharmacy life.

9. Touchscreen Gloves

Image courtesy of Amazon

Again, going practical with compassion to the pharmacies with a drive thru in these winter months. Keep your hands protected while still allowing you to perform your pharmacy tasks with these warm, yet functional gloves.

10. Stonewall Kitchen Classic Jelly Sampler

Photo courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

The Jelly of the Month subscription might not have impressed Clark Griswold, but it's a classic workplace gift. We're sure there's a pharmacist on your list that would appreciate a Christmas Vacation-inspired classic jelly sampler for snacking on break.

Hopefully this list gives you some innovative ideas to step up your creativity for the favorite pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, and students in your life. Deck the halls with pharmacy cheer, my friends!

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