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B. Braun Medical Inc (Bethlehem,PA) recently launched PINNACLE TotalParenteral Nutrition (TPN) Manager,which complements the company'sPINNACLE TPN Management System.The product's advanced computerizedphysician order entry and calculatingsoftware automates calculations andstreamlines the TPN compoundingprocess from the moment an order isentered by the pharmacist to the timeit is infused into the patient. Designedwith the pharmacist in mind, the easyto-use Windows-based PINNACLE TPNManager features several advancedtools such as customized patient templatesand reports to help ensure rapidand smooth delivery. For added safety,the software includes Trissel's Ca/Pgraphical compatibility curves, whichwere developed in collaboration withnational drug compatibility expertLawrence Trissel, RPh, to address calcium/phosphate compatibility in aneffort to reduce potential errors. Inaddition, the labels can be generatedwith bar-coded prescriptions to eliminatethe need for manual entry on thecompounder and the infusion pump.PINNACLE TPN Manager also promotesUSP <797> guidelines for compliance.The guidelines are designed to providestandards of care in sterile pharmaceuticalcompounding. The product improvescompliance with these guidelinesthrough customized dailychecklists that require completion ofstandard operating procedures toensure proper environmental checksduring compounding and through theability to monitor and track the entireTPN process. For more information,visit, or call 800-854-6851.

Heparin Sodium Injection USP

Baxter Healthcare Corp (Deerfield,IL) recently introduced a drug-safetyinitiative intended to help reduce medicationerrors by creating enhancedpackaging that provides additionalsafeguards to assist clinicians in thecorrect identification of critical medicines.As 1 of the top 5 high-alert medications,as designated by the Institutefor Safe Medication Practices, HeparinSodium Injection USP, a commonlyused anticoagulant, is the first medicationwith the improved label. The labelfeatures an increase of 20% font size, aunique color combination, and a large,red cautionary tear-off label. HeparinSodium Injection is indicated for anticoagulanttherapy in prophylaxis andtreatment of venous thrombosis andits extension. The product is not acatheter lock-flush solution and shouldnot be used for lock flush. For moreinformation, visit, orcall 800-422-9837.

Repeater Pump II

Baxa Corp (Englewood, CO) recentlylaunched the Repeater Pump II. Thepump is designed to provide accuratedelivery of pharmacy solutions into avariety of containers, without the needfor calibration. The Repeater Pump II isthe first no-calibration pharmacy pumpand uses a fixed-volume pumpingdesign commonly referred to as positivedisplacement. The positive displacementnature of the pump eliminatesthe need for calibration oradjustment, providing accurate liquiddelivery regardless of the source container,final container, tubing diameter,and fluid viscosity. The Repeater PumpII's touch screen also simplifies theprocess because it eliminates buttonsand knobs that can be hard to press. Formore information, visit,or call 800-567-BAXA (800-567-2292).

Triesence (triamcinolone acetonide injectable suspension)

Alcon Inc (Fort Worth, TX) recentlyreceived FDA approval for Triesence 40mg/mL. The product is a preservativefreesynthetic corticosteroid. The productis indicated for the treatment of thefollowing ophthalmic diseases: sympatheticophthalmia, temporal arteritis,uveitis, and ocular inflammatory conditionsunresponsive to topical corticosteroids.The product also is indicatedfor visualization during vitrectomy. Theinitial recommended dose of Triesencefor all indications except visualizationis 4 mg (100 &#0181;L of 40-mg/mL suspension),with subsequent dosage asneeded over the course of treatment.The recommended dose of Triesencefor visualization is 1 mg to 4 mg (25-100 &#0181;L of 40-mg/mL suspension) administeredintravitreally. The product isavailable in a single-use, 1-mL vial containing40 mg/mL of triamcinolone acetonidesuspension. For more information,visit, or call800-TO-ALCON (800-862-5266).

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