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Enhance Patient Identification

Zebra Technologies Corp (Vernon Hills, Ill) recently introduced a new adhesive tab closure on its Z-Band

Direct Patient Identification Wristbands.

Designed to improve the ease of use, comfort, and security of the antimicrobial wristbands, the new tab closure replaces the adhesive and the liner that formerly extended the entire length of the wristband. The wristbands, which are available in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes, will still feature a top layer that resists alcohol, water, foams, soaps, and blood as well as a patent-pending antimicrobial coating that protects against Staphylococucs aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Escherichia coli. The barcoded wristbands protect patient privacy and information integrity while ensuring that nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, and other personnel can correctly identify patients and view corresponding medical information every time the wristband is scanned. The new wristbands offer 6 options for color coding to communicate patient risk factors or special needs. For more information, visit, or call 800-423-0442.

EcoRex Disposes of Pharmaceutical Waste

Vestara's (Irvine, Calif) EcoRex is an automated, regulatory-compliant drug waste management disposal system that accurately identifies all types of bar-coded drug waste. The system sorts the waste into proper wastestream bins for disposal. EcoRex uses a bar-code scanner and a touch screen to properly classify waste as infectious, chemo, hazardous, mixed hazardous/infectious, and lower risk. Each container in the EcoRex station includes an automated level detector for convenient and timely removal. The containers are designed with an exclusionary bin feature that prohibits user tampering once closed. In addition, a level sensor signals when the containers are full. EcoRex is designed for the safe disposal of vials, ampoules, syringes, intravenous bags up to 1 L, 500-cc glass bottles, and other drug dispensing products. For more information, visit

Access to Parenteral Drug Compatibility Data Now Available

Wolters Kluwer Health (St. Louis, Mo) recently introduced Trissel's IVCHEK API v3.1 (Trissel's IV-CHEK) that combines data from Trissel's 2, a comprehensive database of drug stability and compatibility information, with Medi-Span's integrated software. The product enables clinicians to access parenteral drug compatibility information from within their professional work-flow computer systems. Based on Trissel's 2 data, Trissel's IV-CHEK provides both published and unpublished drug stability and compatibility data. It also provides individualized, compatibility charts for use at the patient bedside. The addition of Trissel's 2 data to the Medi-Span line of integrated solutions will make it easier for health care professionals to get the quick answers to compatibility questions. Trissel's 2 data will also be available as an add-on reference module for Facts & Comparisons 4.0, which is designed to address compatibility questions on a lookup basis. For more information, visit

Pharmacy Navigator Oversees Rx Order Process McKesson Pharmacy Systems'

(Livonia, Mich) Pharmacy Navigator is a work-flow suite that integrates with the company's Pharmserv system or via an interface with other pharmacy systems. Pharmacy Navigator provides quality control and improvement to pharmacy's productivity; accuracy checks and tools to improve patient care initiatives; operations management and reporting via dashboard metrics; and flexible modules to allow customization with a pharmacy's environment. Pharmacy Navigator eliminates paper confusion from the pharmacy work space with the ability to scan, archive, and print multiple document types; minimizes time spent locating prescriptions via the Rx Tracker; and prioritizes work through Queue Management based on custom settings. The product can store up to 3 Rxs and 5 documents at a time for any patient and maintain data integrity and improve accountability with safety features, such as single sign-on and barcode scanning. The work-flow suite also optimizes patient care with the ability to scan and store vital information to the patient record; maximizes accuracy and patient safety via stock bottle, verification scans, and vital information displayed on the screen. For more information, call 800-293-5197, or visit

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