Gold Standard Responds to Pharmacists

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Pharmacists will have improved softwaretools to help better manage formulariesand document activities in a healthcare environment, thanks to Gold StandardInc. The company has entered into a7-year agreement with MedKeeper andwill become the exclusive reseller ofFormChecker, RxRounds, and PharmacyHub in the United States and most healthcare markets.

FormChecker is a user-friendly formularymanagement and communication systemthat aids in Joint Commission onAccreditation of Healthcare Organizationscompliance, ensures that current pharmacyguidelines are followed, and reducestime spent on management of formularyconversions. With a Web browser, pharmacistscan easily update formularies,guidelines, alerts, and other pharmacy-relatedinformation.

RxRounds allows pharmacists toeffortlessly create custom lists andunlimited custom forms. Additionally,the flexible documentation systemprovides a simple way to documentand report the net financial impact ofpharmacy services; allows for quickidentification of cost-saving opportunities;and reduces documentation, compilation,and reporting time.

Pharmacy Hub is an integrated interfacethat combines FormChecker, Rx-Rounds, and a publishing platform to createa pharmacy information portal, byallowing individuals to create Web-basedfolders to upload and share documentsover the Internet. MedKeeper is workingwith Gold Standard to incorporate GoldStandard's Clinical Pharmacology drug-informationand medication-managementresource and Clini-Doc. The latter softwaretool allows pharmacists to acquire aquantitative financial measure of clinicalinterventions and time spent maximizingthe safety and efficacy of drug therapythrough the use of efficient, detailed documentationand illustrated reports.