MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Symbol TechnologiesInc (Holtsville,NY) recently introducedthe MC70Enterprise Digital Assistant(EDA). Theproduct combines amobile phone, mobilecomputer/e-mail, imager, and scannerinto 1 centrally managed personal digitalassistant-like device. The product offersmultimode communications, includingvoice/data communications, wirelessfidelity, and Bluetooth to enable real-timeaccess to individuals, information, andcritical business applications. For thehealth care industry, the MC70 EDA isunique, because it is sealed to withstandbiological spills and other substances thatcan damage it. With the MC70 EDA,physicians and other health care professionalscan easily access their applications,scan patients' wristbands to matchprescriptions, and transmit crucial healthcare data. For more information,, or call 800-722-6234.