Point-to-Point Medication Safety

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Omnicell (Mountain View, Calif) recentlyintroduced the Point-to-Point MedicationSafety solutions for the point ofuse and point of administration. The productintegrates with the OmniRx medicationdispensing cabinets and the SafetyRN bedside medication administrationsystem, which adds 6 new medicationsafety checks and improves nursing workflow at both the cabinet and the patientbedside. The 6 points of medication safetyadded by the Point-to-Point MedicationSafety solutions include SafetyStock barcodeconfirmation at the medication cabinet,using bar codes to verify that the correctmedication is stocked in the correctcabinet bin; SafetyStock verification thatthe correct medication is obtained at thetime of use; allergy alerts provided at boththe point of use and point of administrationfor nonpharmacy-reviewed orders;identification of due medications, preventingerrors of omission as well as errors ofduplication; SaftyMed RN use of bar codesto verify accuracy of patient medications;and generation of dispense versus administrationreports, which track complianceand enhance call 800-850-6664 billingaccuracy. For more information, visitwww.omnicell.com.

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