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Kanguru Solutions (Millis, Mass) recentlyannounced the release of theKanguru BioSTOR, a USB2.0 hard drive featuringcutting-edge biometric security.Theproduct's sophisticated biometric sensorverifies a user's identity by fingerprint orthumbprint. Distinct physiologic characteristicssuch as fingerprints make biometricsecurity extremely accurate andeasy to use, yet nearly impossible to breakinto and compromise sensitive data. Thebiometric sensor located on top of theKanguru BioSTOR scans and allowsaccess to the encrypted hard drive oncean exact fingerprint is confirmed. Both fingerprintimages and the security softwareto operate the product are stored in thedrive. After the initial setup, this featureconveniently allows users to travel to andfrom compatible personal computers(PCs) without the burden of installation.The device automatically locks when disconnectedfrom any PC to protect theencrypted data stored on the hard drive.For more information, visit www.kanguru.com, or call 508-376-4245.

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