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Cerner Corp (Kansas City, Mo)recently launched the CareAwareRxStation, a robotic drug dispenser forhospitals. The device runs on theCerner Millennium operating system,allowing nurses and physicians to connectdirectly with a patient's medicalrecords to automatically get the correctmedicines. The CareAware RxStation isavailable in 7 different models: Rx-Station 410 Unit Dose Dispenser, whichdelivers unit-dose, oral solid medicationsin a packaged format, allowing forthe medication to be in the manufacturer'spackaging or repackaged intostandard packaging with or without abar code; RxStation 420 Large ItemDispenser, which delivers unit-dose ormultidose packaged medications withdifferent packaging types; RxStation430 Storage Tower, a comprehensivedevice for storage and management ofmedical-surgical supplies; RxStation 60Pharmacy Fill Station, an automateddevice for correlating packaged medicationswith radio frequency identificationtags affixed to trays in theRxStation 410 or in bins in the RxStation420; RxStation 900 Controlled SubstanceVault, designed for the storageand management of controlled substancesin the central pharmacy;RxStation 800 Pharmacy Storage Tower,which stores noncontrolled substancesin the central pharmacy; and RxStation10 Pharmacy Transport Cart, whichfacilitates the efficient, secure transportof medications to the patient careareas. For more information,

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