Adapta-Cap Bottle Adapter

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Baxa Corp (Englewood,Colo) recentlyintroducedthe new Adapta-CapBottle Adapter sizedspecifically to fit sterilewater bottles. The adapter is the first capdesigned to provide drip-free filling ofExacta-Med Oral Dispensers, thereforesimplifying weight-specific dosing andoral liquid medications. Baxa oral dispensersand accessories permit totalcompliance with non-Luer fittings for oraland enteral applications, preventing theoccurrence of wrong-route administrationon nonintravenous fluid drugs. Theoriginal Adapta-Cap Bottle Adapter, withits tethered reclosable cap, converts astandard prescription bottle into a fillingdevice for use with the Exacta-Med OralDispensers. For more information,, or call 800-567-BAXA(800-567-2292).