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Individuals wanting OTC pseudoephedrine(PSE) products are going to be limited as to thenumber of pills they can buy, and eventuallythey will have to show identification to purchasethese types of medication. The provisionis part of President George W. Bush's USAPatriot Act in an attempt to crack down on illegalmethamphetamine production.

Beginning this month, federal regulation will limit the sale of PSE to 9 gwithin a 30-day period. The measure will make exceptions for "single-use"sales—individually packaged PSE products. Identification checks and PSEproducts located behind the counter will be required by September 30, 2006.

Many retailers already have guidelines in place to limit individuals' accessto cold products or to limit their sales. Some drugmakers also have begunmaking PSE-free cough and cold products.

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