Lower Bone Density in Women with Diabetes

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

A recent study by the University ofPittsburgh found that premenopausalwomen with type 1 diabetes havelower bone density and more fracturesthan their counterparts withoutdiabetes. The study included 237women without the disease and 67women with type 1 diabetes, all ofwhom were between 35 and 55 yearsof age.

Type 1 diabetes was associated withlower bone mineral density—3% to 8%lower, compared with that in controlwomen. Women with type 1 diabetesalso were more likely to report a fractureafter age 20 than nondiabeticwomen (33.3% vs 22.6%). It was notclear what the correlation was, however.Both groups of women exercisedsimilarly, and the women with diabeteswere more likely to be takingbone-restoring osteoporosis medicationsand vitamin D supplements.

Researchers suggest that womenwith type 1 diabetes should be targetedfor osteoporosis screening and possiblefracture prevention as they transitionthrough menopause. The results ofthe study were published in theFebruary 2006 issue of Diabetes Care.

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