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General Data Co (Cincinnati, Ohio)recently introduced the Personal IDFoamWrap wristband. The patient identificationwristband, designed for infants,elderly, and patients with sensitive skin,is comprised of a unique hypoallergenicand latex-free foam wristband and directthermal label combination. The PersonalID FoamWrap wristband allows hospitalsto use high-resolution text, bar codes,and patient photos for positive identificationof patients with frail, delicate, or sensitiveskin. The product is intended forshort-term or outpatient use. ThePersonal ID FoamWrap wristbands areavailable in 2 versions: a "hook-and-loop"closure and an adhesive closure. The"hook-and-loop" closure is attached tothe wristband, and is primarily used forinfants and neonatal patients. This wristbandcan be removed and reattachedduring medication administration orbathing without damaging the wristband.The adhesive version, ideal forsmall children and elderly patients, usesa unique wraparound pressure-sensitivelabel that adheres to the outside of thefoam wristband and then to itself for closure.For additional information,, orcall 800-733-5252.

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