Is There a Role for CBT in Insomnia Caused by Depression?

Pharmacy Times
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Chronic insomnia is one of the most common symptomsthat individuals experience during a depressive episode. Theexistence of a causal link between insomnia and depressionraises the intriguing question of whether effective managementof insomnia could offer an opportunity to prevent thefuture emergence of depressive disorders.

Earlier studies have found cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) an effective treatment for insomnia. A new clinical trial(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment ofDepression-Related Insomnia), posted November 2005 Web site, seeks to evaluate the effectivenessof CBT in treating insomnia symptoms that are secondaryto depression. The researchers also will determine thelong-term benefits of CBT and how repeat occurrences ofinsomnia are associated with the incidence of subsequentepisodes of depression.

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