Press-In Bottle Adapter

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

EPS Inc(Ivyland, Pa)recently introducedtheEPS Press-InBottle Adapter.The productallowshealth careprofessionalsto easilydispense liquidsfromstock bottles into oral syringes. Professionalsjust need to press the adapterinto the bottle's opening and attach theoral syringe to the adapter's port. Then,withdraw the dose of medication fromthe bottle. The EPs' Press-In BottleAdapter is available in 24-, 28-, and 33-mm sizes. Packaged in bags of 25, theproduct fits most TampAlerT and EPSPrescription Bottles and can be usedwith the EPS line of oral syringes. Formore information, call 800-523-8966, orvisit