ChemoSHIELD Barrier Isolator

Pharmacy Times
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The Baker Co (Sanford, Me) recentlyintroduced a smaller, 2-glove positionmodel of the ChemoSHIELD BarrierIsolator that offers a contained, negativepressurework area suitable for chemotherapyagents or intravenous admixturesthat can be harmful to pharmacypersonnel. The 5-ft-wide ChemoSHIELDModel CS500 features an ergonomicdesign that includes a slanted viewscreen angled at 10° with a top hinge toallow full opening for loading of pharmacyequipment, oval glove ports (with 2glove positions) to offer maximum reachto all interior surfaces for employees ofdifferent heights, and negative-pressureinterchange to permit secure passthroughin and out of the work area. Theproduct is also designed to comply withthe National Institute for OccupationalSafety and Health's call for cabinets usedto prepare chemotherapy drugs to beexhausted to the outdoors because ofthe risk of vaporization of hazardousdrugs. For more information,, or call 800-992-2537.

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