Ampicillin and Sulbactam for Injection

Pharmacy Times
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American Pharmaceutical Partners(Schaumburg, Ill) recently received FDAapproval for its abbreviated new drugapplication for Ampicillin and Sulbactamfor Injection. The product is the genericequivalent of Pfizer Inc's Unasyn. Ampicillinand Sulbactam is an injectableantibacterial combination consisting ofthe semisynthetic antibiotic ampicillinsodium and the beta-lactamase inhibitorsulbactam sodium. The product is indicatedfor the treatment of several skinand skin structure, intra-abdominal, andgynecologic infections due to susceptiblestrains of microorganisms. Administeredintravenously or intramuscularly, Ampicillinand Sulbactam for Injection isavailable in 1.5-and 3-g single-dose vials.The product is preservative-free, andeach vial will include a bar code andlatex-free vial stopper. For more information,visit

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