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RX1: Registered Pharmacist Jennifer DiPasquale, of St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, NY, received this prescription from a pediatric physician in the nursery department of the hospital. In the past, DiPasquale had had to call the prescribing physician when she worked in retail pharmacy because of illegible prescriptions. DiPasquale clarified the prescription with a licensed practical nurse on the pediatric floor. Can you decode this prescription?

RX2: Guy Crimaldi, RPh, and Joanna Mueller, PharmD, of Dominick's Pharmacy in Morton Grove, Ill, had to put on their thinking caps when this prescription came in. After several attempts to decipher this prescription, they placed a call to the prescribing physician for assistance. Do you know what the physician said?

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Rx 1: Saline nose drops, 1-2 sprays each nare every 4 hours prn

Rx 2: Pamelor 25 mg, #30, 1 capsule hs

We ask our readers to send us those eye-straining, baffling prescriptions that they receive for inclusion in this monthly feature. If you would like to contribute to this column, send a clean photocopy of the script along with a note that describes the experience and provides the correct drug information to: Can You Read These Rxs?, Pharmacy Times, 241 Forsgate Drive, Jamesburg, NJ 08831, or fax it to 732-656-9267.

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