...But Study Finds Cards Offer Solid Savings with Generics

Pharmacy Times
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Although the new Medicare Rx drugdiscount card program continues tocome under criticism, administrationofficials have produced fresh evidencethat the cards may provide significantsavings for some seniors.

A new study by the Centers forMedicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)has found that Medicare beneficiariesusing the discount drug card can savebetween 46% and 92% on many commonlyused prescription brand drugsthrough the use of generic drugs.According to CMS officials, the savingsresult from the personalized informationthat the program provides to beneficiariesabout the availability of lessexpensive generics, as well as fromsubstantial new price discounts ongeneric drugs made possible by thenew Medicare cards.

"We are taking important stepstoward our goal of prescription drugaffordability by providing personalizedassistance to help seniors find outwhen generic drugs [are available], andthis study shows that buying genericdrugs through Medicare-approved drugdiscount cards can save a significantamount of money," said CMS AdministratorMark B. McClellan, MD, PhD.

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