10 Unique and Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas for Pharmacy Team Members


Black Friday kicks off the biggest shopping season of the year. Here are steals for under $20 a pop to spread some cheer at work.

It is coming up the home stretch of the holiday season, and for pharmacists, that means it is time to start thinking about finding gifts not just for family and friends but also for pharmacy team members.

Bath bubbles, hand cream, s'mores-making kits, wine, and lottery tickets are sure to please or check out these 10 unique and cheap suggestions (all are under $20 each):

1. 1-lb candy bars. Available for all the favorites, such as Hershey's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and York Peppermint Pattie. These can be shared with the whole group.

2. Personalized mug. Get one of these chalkboard mugs and have everyone on the team write a personalized note to the gift recipient.

3. Charitable giving. Buy a gift card from this website, and present it to the gift recipient so that they can choose from hundreds of projects worldwide that they want to donate to. They can even spread out the donation among multiple projects.

4. Prank box. Put whatever gift you want to in one of these funny boxes.

5. Puzzle box. Buy a gift card, and then put it inside one of these entertaining puzzles. The recipient must solve the puzzle to get to the gift card.

6. Construction plate with utensils or Ms. Food Face Plate. Consider getting gifts for your team members' kids.

7. Amusing gifts for the kitchen. Making grilled cheese or heating up pizza, veggies, or chicken nuggets is easy with toaster bags. Or make breakfast more fun with an egg dog mold or toast stamper. And then there is this awesome garlic press and slicer.

8. Wine Monopoly. Try this specialized version of the classic board game. There are many other versions, too, including ones for cities, dogs, movies, television shows.

9. One monthly subscription. There are a plethora of unique monthly subscriptions that range from bacon to socks to Japanese snacks. Pick 1, and order just 1 box.

10. Fun kits. For crafty and creative team members, give them kits so they can make things like a cork tray or paper bowls.

Bonus ideas: Colored pens , this uplifiting and colorful calendar or home-baked goodies are always hits. And helping pharmacy workers get through their shifts with coffee travel mugs, coffee beans, any kind of food or snacks, hand soap, hand sanitizer, or a lunch bag or tote would also be much appreciated. Remember to add a fun card with a heartfelt message to these wonderful people who help make the work day brighter.

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