May/June 2013

Multiple Sclerosis

May 30, 2013

Disease State Management

Although the research has consistently shown that individuals deficient in vitamin D seem to be at an increased risk for developing multiple sclerosis (MS), there has been some debate on what level of vitamin D may protect against MS.

Specialty Oncology Pharmacy Practices

May 29, 2013

Oncology Trends

A SORx CCS Program is the touchstone for all other SORx operations, and for clients, it is the face of the pharmacy. An efficient, personalized CCS staffed by highly motivated, registered pharmacy technicians results in very satisfied clients.

Specialty's Unique Role in Oncology Management

May 29, 2013

From the Chairman

Specialty Pharmacy industry leaders are offering innovative practices and ideas as they look for real-world solutions for the best possible treatments and outcomes for cancer patients.

Current Oncology Pipeline Trends

May 29, 2013

Clinical Insights

Oncology drug development far outpaces drug development for other therapeutic areas and the magnitude of that difference is significant. Here's a current review of what is in the pipeline and an analysis of where oncology research is headed.

Identification of Drug Therapy Opportunities with Oral Chemotherapy

May 29, 2013


There is a need for continued adverse event management for patients receiving oral chemotherapy due to the high incidence of adverse events and discontinuation rates. Pharmacists play a unique role in helping patients manage complicated dosing regimens, drug interactions, and adverse event profiles of oral chemotherapy.

Specialty Pharmacy Core URAC Standards Overview

May 29, 2013


Core standards are important for any specialty pharmacy business. This overview not only provides helpful information for companies undergoing URAC accreditation, but also offers a refresher for currently accredited organizations.

When Implementing a Sunshine Act Plan, Don't Forget About the Doctors!

May 29, 2013

Compliance Corner

The main goal of the Sunshine Act is to create more transparency, with the ultimate goal of reducing the marketing impact on the physicians' treatment decisions, resulting in lower health care costs. The Final Rule is on a whole new national level and the potential response from physicians must be evaluated.

Walgreens Split-Fill Case Study: Preventing Waste Through Extension of a Cost-Saving Program

May 29, 2013


As part of its pharmacist-driven ConnectedCare Oral Oncology Program, Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy recently conducted a unique 3-month monitored-dispense pilot program, which reflects continued innovation, additional cost savings, and improved health care system communication.

Oncology: The Brass Ring?

May 29, 2013


Welcome to our third annual special Oncology edition of Specialty Pharmacy Times! While new targeted oral medications are convenient and effective, they are also expensive and toxic, so the need for creating the greatest effectiveness from therapy is warranted. That's where specialty pharmacy comes in.

Providing Specialty Therapy in the Home

May 29, 2013

Specialty Pharmacy Nursing

How aware are specialty pharmacists regarding the legal and ethical implications related to the home care nurses they hire? Here are some professional issues facing nurses as they work in tandem with specialty pharmacists.