September 2017 Immunization

Our Unsung Defenders Against Disease

September 27, 2017

From the Chairman

As we head into flu season, the associated challenges of dealing with the virus will highlight the importance of vaccination and pharmacists’ growing contribution to it.

Pharmacy Required to Split Cost of Patient's Insulin

September 26, 2017

Legal Focus

A patient in a mid-Atlantic state filed a lawsuit on his own, seeking to have his physician and 2 chain pharmacies split the cost of his insulin and rooting his argument in the Affordable Care Act.

The War on Drug Abuse A 3-Pronged Approach

September 26, 2017

Legal Focus

Law enforcement must continue to concentrate on large-scale dealers that reap the monetary rewards of drug trafficking, ensuring that they receive hefty jail sentences and returning the forfeiture laws to a common-sense level so that these folks are punished by losing all their ill-gotten gains.

Why Vaccination Is Essential: 6 Myths Debunked

September 24, 2017

Counseling Focus

Considerable discussion regarding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, including statements made by celebrity spokespeople for the anti-vaccination movement, has led many parents to decide against immunizing their children.