September 2016 Men's Health

Generic Biologic Drugs Appear Equivalent to Brand Name Counterpart

September 22, 2016

Generic Times News

A recent analysis from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers found that generic forms of the biologic drug infliximab (remicade) appear to be just as safe and effective as the brand name version.

Functional Dyspepsia Linked with Early-Life Stress

September 20, 2016

GI Watch

Although a complete understanding of functional dyspepsia continues to elude health care professionals, the results of a recent study suggest that patients who experience traumatic events early in life may be more susceptible to the gastrointestinal condition.

Physical Activity May Increase Men's Bone Density

September 20, 2016

Men's Health Watch

Men may have a new reason to maintain a healthy exercise routine, as the results of a recent study indicate that remaining physically active can help men build their bone mass density.

Aspirin Could Improve Colon Cancer Survival Rates

September 20, 2016

Men's Health Watch

Although aspirin is best known as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory, the results of a recent study suggest that the drug's use could improve a patient's odds of surviving colon cancer.

Legal Duty to Preserve Evidence of a Dispensing Error?

September 20, 2016

Legal Focus

When the spouse of a patient discovers 2 dosage forms with different appearances in the same medication vial and returns them to the pharmacy, is there a legal duty to preserve the vial and its contents as potential evidence in a yet-to-be-filed malpractice case?

Will Bending the Curve Be Enough?

September 08, 2016

Editor's Note

For the past decade, health economists and policy makers have frequently espoused the following axiom: bending the cost curve will enable a sustainable health care system.