October 2017 Diabetes

Are Fad Diets Just a Fad?

October 26, 2017

Health and Wellness

Fad diets, just like fashion trends, come and go, except that following these diets can have much more serious consequences than landing one on the worst-dressed list.

Does an Employee Have Access to Her PDMP Database Records?

October 25, 2017

Legal Focus

Can an employee engaged in a legal tussle with her employer have access to records of her own prescription transactions maintained in the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database to be used as part of the legal proceedings?

We Are Perilously Close to Giving Up the Gift

October 25, 2017

Editor's Note

For a number of decades now there have been groups of pharmacists blessing, embracing, or in some instances, fully advocating for pharmacists to completely disassociate themselves as professionals from the act of dispensing a medication.