Pharmacy Technology Products

NOVEMBER 01, 2008

PASS Rx: New Drug Verification System

Centice Corp (Morrisville, NC) recently launched PASS Rx. The product employs patented sensor technologies to generate a unique spectral fingerprint and image data of the size, color, and shape of the drug. This information is compared with Centice's proprietary database for an objective and reliable verification, therefore improving the accuracy of the dispensed pharmaceutical. Furthermore, PASS Rx verifies the drug and strength of the dispensed pharmaceutical through the capped vial in an average of 6 seconds, which fits seamlessly into the pharmacy's workflow. PASS Rx also offers a compact and easy-to-use system that enhances both the fulfillment and final verification process, thus improving both quality and productivity in pharmacy operations. For more information, visit

Med-eXpert Solutions Improve Patient Adherence

InforMedix Holdings Inc and Audiopoint (both of Rockville, MD) recently joined forces to provide advanced voice-enabled communications, automatic speech recognition, and medication compliance and persistence information services in real time. InforMedix's Med-eXpert and MedePhone systems provide real-time, customizable, actionable information about the medication adherence and health status of chronically ill patients using any cellular or home telephone service. The joint technology combines Audiopoint's voice portal with InforMedix's intelligent system to link patient data with individuals administering care. Two portable appliances are used by patients to follow their medication and care plans and to record and transmit medication adherence and health status information to the Med-eXpert System. The Med-eMonitor is a portable, interactive smart pillbox, which stores and/or manages up to 25 medications, while tracking patients' adherence to their medications and care plans. The Med-ePhone prompts, monitors, and records medication adherence and health status assessment delivered to patients over mobile phones and landlines using interactive voice response systems. For more information, call 888-582-4480, or visit

Machine Takes Care of Medical Waste

Medical Innovations Inc's (Framingham, MA) Medical Waste Machine provides an alternative for medical and hazardous waste. The machine converts regulated medical waste into ordinary nonregulated waste, reduces waste costs, improves infection control, reduces the threat of costly ongoing liability, and is environmentally responsible. The Medical Waste Machine works in 2 ways. The sharps are dropped directly into the locked Teflon-lined metal container, which has a clear safety tube at the top for inserting the medical waste. When the machine's container is filled with waste to the indicated line, a few special hightemperature plastic discs are placed in the transporter. Another option is to have the sharps dropped into disposable sharps containers. When the disposable container's contents reach the designated fill line, it is capped, locked, and placed in the machine, and one indicator disk is added. The machine is locked and switched on. During the processing of the waste, the machine's containers are sterilized at a very high temperature. Only at this temperature will the discs melt and encapsulate the waste. The final result is nonregulated waste and can be disposed of in the regular trash receptacle. For more information, visit or call 508-358-8099.

Nexus Facilitates Interoperability

SupplyScape Corp (Woburn, MA) recently introduced Nexus—a network- based data sharing and collaboration platform that takes advantage of the latest Web 2.0 technologies to facilitate comprehensive interoperability within trade networks and mobilize operational data to the enterprise system and business leaders that need it. The platform's capabilities include supply chain monitoring and decision support and serialization and pedigree data repository. The supply chain monitoring and decision support improve decision making and increase business agility with Nexus Web 2.0-based alerts, reports, and executive dashboards. The serialization and pedigree data repository leverage product and supply chain knowledge to create actionable data for use in enterprise solutions such as SupplyScape's Product Security Suite. Visit for more information.