AUGUST 01, 2008

Kirby Lester Unveils KL20

Kirby Lester (Lake Forest, IL) recently introduced the KL20 pharmacy counting and verification system with important advances in workflow management, order tracking, and patient medication safety. The KL20 incorporates true, 2-way interfacing with pharmacy management systems. It includes all new software, large touchscreen, and user-friendly directions. Pharmacists and technicians benefit from onsite control of bar-code setup, simple verification steps, and the ability to turn workflow software features on and off. For more information, e-mail , or call 800-641-3961.

Facts & Comparisons 4.0 Provides Timely Drug Data

Facts & Comparisons 4.0, part of Facts & Comparsions (St Louis, MO) drug information solutions, is "Your Answer for Drug Answers." With Facts & Comparisons 4.0, individuals can count on the most current, accurate, and actionable drug answers to clinicians critical questions; the most comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth drug reference backed by >60 years of experience; and 100% independent and objective drug intelligence and facts with unequalled comparative tables. For more information, visit and sign up for a free 30-day trial.

IntelliDOT BPA Extends Patient Safety

IntelliDOT Corp (San Diego, CA) recently received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its IntelliDOT Blood Product Administration (IntelliDOT BPA). The solution is a point-of-care Transfusion Safety Management System composed of computers, a software application, wireless handheld bar-code scanner, and wireless printers. IntelliDOT BPA assists nurses, phlebotomists, and laboratory personnel in assuring blood samples are drawn from the correct patients; assists laboratory personnel in accurate matching of blood samples with correct blood or blood products; and assists nursing personnel in administering blood or blood products to the correct patient. visit for more information.

InnovationRx Launches Adherence Service

InnovationRx's (Newton, MA) new comprehensive medication adherance service educates and empowers patients to take more control over their medication and health. Key elements of InnovationRx service include adherence assessment, pharmacist-staffed call center, medication reminders, care management, and extensive reporting capabilities. Furthermore, patients receive a personal account at the InnovationRx Web site. Through the homepage, patients can access a full line of interactive medication management tools as well as access information about the medications they are taking and learn about side effects or reactions with other medications or food. For more information, visit

Shopper Vision Delivers Solutions

LearnSomething Inc (Tallahassee, FL) has developed a way for pharmacists to leverage their unique and respected role to motivate clients to visit general merchandise, OTC, and product/grocery departments for wellness and related products. Called Shopper Vision, the technology delivers shopper solutions where clients need them—in store aisles. Shopper Vision provides interactive digital signage that can be situated near the pharmacy counter. Pharmacists and staff need only encourage clients to take advantage of the topics available in the Shopper Vision series that cover many of the most common health needs, from skin care to joint and bone health. Pharmacy staff can now direct a patient to a resource that displays remedies for health and wellness while the patient is waiting for a prescription. Visit for more information.

EnterpriseRx Available for Independent Pharmacies

McKesson Pharmacy Systems (San Francisco, CA), a division of McKesson Corp, recently announced the availability of EnterpriseRx—a pharmacy management system for independent pharmacies. The system centralizes data, reporting, pricing, and drug updates, providing independents with the operational control, visibility, and support needed to help reduce costs and streamline administrative tasks. The Web-based system's innovative features include flexible, queue-based workflow with activities organized by user role, centralized databases, and real-time communication. Visit for more information.

Arizona Health Center Uses Telepharmacy

El Pueblo Health Center near Tucson, Arizona, has implemented ScriptPro's (Mission, KS) Telepharmacy. The clinic will transmit prescription orders electronically to Health Center pharmacists where they will be screened, approved, and released back to the clinic for filling. Pharmacy technicians at the clinic will use ScriptPro telepharmacy scanning stations to select prefilled containers and other package items and label them with instructions for the patients. As a safety check, the technicians capture electronic images of the pills, packages, and labels and have them reviewed by Health Center pharmacists. Every clinic patient is counseled by a pharmacist over a video link that is integrated into the telepharmacy system. For more information, visit

Pyxis DuoStation Increases Safety, Accuracy

Cardinal Health (Dublin, OH) recently launched Pyxis DuoStation. The system allows clinicians to safely and accurately dispense both medications and medical supplies from a single dispensing machine. With the Pyxis DuoStation, nurses use unique identifiers to log onto the system. After log-in, a screen appears and the nurse selects a patient and sees a list of medications that have already been verified by one of the hospital pharmacists. The system also generates reports that can be used to help identify and prevent potential diversion, optimize medication and supply use, and manage costs. For more information, visit

RxHub, SureScripts Merge

The nation's retail pharmacies and leading pharmacy benefit managers are collaborating to untie the country's 2 leading health information networks. The groups have merged RxHub and SureScripts. The organizations will consolidate their operations, forming a single, secure, nationwide network for electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) and the exchange of health information. RxHub's expertise in patient identification and delivering drug benefit information to the physician at the point of care complements SureScripts' focus on e-prescriptions routing from the physician's office to the pharmacy. For more information, visit

Varolii Debuts Adherence Outreach Solution

Varolii Corp (Seattle, Washington) recently introduced the Adherence Outreach suite. The solution is an automated, patient communications services for retail, mail-order, and specialty pharmacies that addresses the full medication adherence lifecycle from engagement to long-term prescription management. The prepackaged, customized application features Varolli's Sea of Names, a large database of correctly pronounced proper names and medication nomenclature; variable, personalized messaging based on input data provided by the pharmacy gives the ability to fine tune messages on an ongoing basis; and a survey capability that allows pharmacies to get insight into medication-taking behavior. For more information, visit, or call 800-206-2979.