Gold Standard Responds to Pharmacists

MAY 01, 2006

Pharmacists will have improved software tools to help better manage formularies and document activities in a health care environment, thanks to Gold Standard Inc. The company has entered into a 7-year agreement with MedKeeper and will become the exclusive reseller of FormChecker, RxRounds, and Pharmacy Hub in the United States and most health care markets.

FormChecker is a user-friendly formulary management and communication system that aids in Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations compliance, ensures that current pharmacy guidelines are followed, and reduces time spent on management of formulary conversions. With a Web browser, pharmacists can easily update formularies, guidelines, alerts, and other pharmacy-related information.

RxRounds allows pharmacists to effortlessly create custom lists and unlimited custom forms. Additionally, the flexible documentation system provides a simple way to document and report the net financial impact of pharmacy services; allows for quick identification of cost-saving opportunities; and reduces documentation, compilation, and reporting time.

Pharmacy Hub is an integrated interface that combines FormChecker, Rx- Rounds, and a publishing platform to create a pharmacy information portal, by allowing individuals to create Web-based folders to upload and share documents over the Internet. MedKeeper is working with Gold Standard to incorporate Gold Standard's Clinical Pharmacology drug-information and medication-management resource and Clini-Doc. The latter software tool allows pharmacists to acquire a quantitative financial measure of clinical interventions and time spent maximizing the safety and efficacy of drug therapy through the use of efficient, detailed documentation and illustrated reports.