Health Care Company Introduces Partner Program

APRIL 01, 2006

Cardinal Health Inc recently launched the Cardinal Health Connectivity Partner Program. The program's objective is to allow hospitals to improve the flow of data by interfacing Cardinal Health solutions with third-party technologies. The company has reached agreements with several companies for the Alaris Gateway Partner Certification Program, the first certification available under the new program.

The Alaris Gateway provides interface capabilities to hospital information systems, helping to enhance medication safety by assisting the timely exchange of intravenous (IV) medication infusion and patient monitoring data. The Alaris System connects wirelessly with a central Alaris Server, which then sends the infusion data through the Alaris Gateway to the hospital information system, establishing the first true information technology-centric infusion information system.

This infusion system influences the unique capabilities of the Alaris System. The Alaris System captures IV infusion therapy and patient monitoring information that can help hospitals decrease harm caused by adverse drug events.