Kanguru BioSTOR

APRIL 01, 2006

Kanguru Solutions (Millis, Mass) recently announced the release of the Kanguru BioSTOR, a USB2.0 hard drive featuring cutting-edge biometric security.The product's sophisticated biometric sensor verifies a user's identity by fingerprint or thumbprint. Distinct physiologic characteristics such as fingerprints make biometric security extremely accurate and easy to use, yet nearly impossible to break into and compromise sensitive data. The biometric sensor located on top of the Kanguru BioSTOR scans and allows access to the encrypted hard drive once an exact fingerprint is confirmed. Both fingerprint images and the security software to operate the product are stored in the drive. After the initial setup, this feature conveniently allows users to travel to and from compatible personal computers (PCs) without the burden of installation. The device automatically locks when disconnected from any PC to protect the encrypted data stored on the hard drive. For more information, visit www.kanguru. com, or call 508-376-4245.