Flexbumin [Albumin (Human)] 25% Solution

APRIL 01, 2006

Baxter Healthcare Corp (Deerfield, Ill) recently received FDA approval for Flexbumin [Albumin (Human)] 25% Solution, the first preparation of human albumin to be packaged in a flexible container. The product has the same indications and provides the same stability as albumin in glass bottles but provides improved convenience for health care professionals, as its flexible packaging provides less risk of breakage and is more compatible with hospital inventory storage systems. The flexible containers are lighter and require less space, which may save hospitals money on disposal. Flexbumin is a sterile, nonpyrogenic preparation of albumin in a single dosage form for intravenous administration. The product is indicated for the treatment of hypovolemia, hypoalbuminemia due to inadequate reproduction, excessive catabolism, hemorrhage, major surgery or burns, and for use during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Flexbumin is available in 50- and 100-mL flexible containers. For more information, visit www.baxter.com, or call 800-422-9837.