Ultraport Luer-Activated

MARCH 01, 2006

Needle-Free Stopcock B. Braun Medical Inc (Bethlehem, Pa) recently launched the Ultraport Luer- Activated Needle-Free Stopcock, a unique intravenous (IV) administration product used to control flow in applications such as IV therapy, monitoring, and anesthesia. The 1-piece design of the product reduces contamination by eliminating the need for sterile caps and preventing backflow if ports are inadvertently left open. The needle- free valve also provides simple handle control. The Ultraport Luer-Activated Needle-Free Stopcock reduces the risk of contamination by incorporating a needle-free valve into the side port, reducing dead space, and providing leak-free sampling as well as options for injection or continuous infusion. The product is available in 2 configurations as single, sterile-packaged items. For more information, visit www.ultrablock.bbraunusa.com.