MARCH 01, 2006

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is fighting against the commoditization of pharmacy, the marginalization of pharmacists as front-line health care providers, and the concentration of power over the pharmacy benefit in the hands of third-party intermediaries. Therefore, NCPA is directing its resources to focus on fundamental priorities that will protect the long-term interests of pharmacists and begin to redefine the pharmacy profession. The priorities include the following:

  • Enlisting and leveraging the grass-roots power of >24,000 independent pharmacists
  • Demonstrating the value of pharmacists in the health care delivery system
  • Enacting HR-1671, the pharmacy negotiation bill, to create a level playing field for pharmacists by allowing them to negotiate with pharmacy benefit managers
  • Working with state governments to recognize the value of pharmacists and guarantee fair compensation for their professional services so that patients continue to have access to medication and to community pharmacists
  • Lobbying for legislative amendments to the Medicare Part D prescription drug program
  • Encouraging broad adoption by community pharmacies of electronic prescribing technology