ViaNase ID

FEBRUARY 01, 2006

Kurve Technology Inc (Bothell,Wash) recently introduced its first nasal drug delivery device—ViaNase ID. The product incorporates drug identification and lockout technologies, data transfer, and an electronic display. The features not only improve patient compliance but may prove vital in curbing the counterfeit drug market. ViaNase ID uses the company's Controlled Participle Dispersion technology to control which drugs are used in the device. The attempted use of an unapproved drug renders the device inoperable. The product records the drug name, product code, and expiration date. ViaNase ID also simplifies the administration of drugs delivered nasally. On the electronic display, patients can see the number of doses delivered, number of doses left in the prescription, as well as receive alarm reminders when it is time to administer the drug. For more information, visit