Hospital Chooses Pharmacy Automation System

FEBRUARY 01, 2006

The 1000-bed Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, Md) will install IntelliFill i.v. pharmacy robotic technology to automate the hospital's pharmacy intravenous (IV) drug preparation process. Manufactured by ForHealth Technologies Inc, IntelliFill i.v. computerizes the compounding and labeling of IV doses in syringes at rates that can only be met through automated processes.

Using bar-code scanning, vision systems, weight confirmation steps, and final products that are identified with bar codes, IntelliFill i.v. lowers medication errors. The system also advances longterm hospital cost savings by preparing the final IV products in a syringe, compared with an IV bag.

"Johns Hopkins has taken a major step forward and placed its confidence in ForHealth's IntelliFill i.v. device to advance the quality of care, safety, and efficiency of its pharmacy operations," stated Rod Wolford, chairman and chief executive officer of ForHealth Technologies Inc.