ValiMed Medication Validation System

FEBRUARY 01, 2006

Baxa Corp(Englewood, Colo) recently introduced the ValiMed Medication Validation System. The system offers clinicians a simple and cost-effective tool to ensure medication safety by verifying that medications are correctly compounded. The product's technology identifies the strength to validate compounded doses of high-risk medications prior to dispensing. The ValiMed Medication Validation System verifies medications in seconds, providing an added level of safety in the medication dispensing process. The system also assists with the detection of narcotic loss and identification of counterfeit medications. In many cases, the product can assess the dilution of a high-alert medication and validate the range that the dose falls within. When the product's light source energizes a given medication, it produces a uniformly consistent pattern of fluorescent energy called a spectral fingerprint. The fingerprint is stored in a library of fingerprints for future validation. Each medication reveals its own distinct and easily readable signature. By comparing the fingerprint of a tested medication against the signature for the medication in the data library, the product's technology will indicate a match, presuming there is one. The ValiMed Medication Validation System can also indicate the concentration of a given medication. The tested concentration can be validated by comparing it with the standard concentration on file in the data library. For more information, visit