New EC Training Program Is Available Via the Internet

AUGUST 01, 2004

A new 1-hour on-line Emergency Contraception (EC) Training Program is available for pharmacists and health care professionals in the United States. The Pharmacy Access Partnership, a nonprofit center of the Public Health Institute, developed the program.

EC is indicated for use up to 72 hours following unprotected intercourse. Plan B (levonorgestrel 75-mg tablets) is the only EC available in the United States. The Pharmacy Access Partnership has stressed that EC is not the same as RU-486 ("the morning-fter pill"), and it will not induce an abortion or interrupt an established pregnancy.

To access the program and receive continuing education credit, visit www.pharmacyaccess.learnsomething. com. After completing the program, pharmacists can call the Pharmacy Access Partnership at 510-272-0150 or visit to list their pharmacy for free on its hot line as well as on its Web site,