Fed up with alleged unpaid overtime and missed rest periods, a Walmart pharmacist is fighting back against the retail giant with a class action suit.

Afrouz Nikmanesh, who worked at Walmart from 2003 to 2014, claimed that the corporation violated California labor laws by not paying her and other pharmacists for the time they spent in class studying for and taking the American Pharmacists Association’s Immunization Training programs, according to Lawyers and Settlements.

Nikmanesh said the training was “directly related” to pharmacists’ duties, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit would represent all United States pharmacists who worked at a Walmart pharmacy within the last 4 years. 
According to Law360, Nikmanesh also alleged that Walmart did not provide employees with 10-minute rest periods during their shifts, which is a violation of state and federal law.
Nikmanesh’s case was moved to federal court on February 6, 2015, according to Lawyers and Settlements.